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Center for Energy and Environmemtal Research
About CEER

        In order to against global warming and climate change, we should find solution to global energy challenges through the next generation energy  power, and we have conclude that Taiwan should aggressively study the  international development roadmap in the next generation energy power  area, which includes the renewable energy, alternative energy, carbon  capture & storage, offshore wind and smart grid. Our central goal is to integrate and analyze information about various types of energy technology, development of the energy industry, policy metrics of energy technology,  user’s electricity usage activities and the consumption of primary energy. We will find key factors and incentives which have impact on the renewable energy, alternative energy, carbon & storage, offshore wind and smart grid. Then we will construct the energy technology innovation policy metrics to enhance the effectiveness of implementation and give some suggestions or ideas to energy technology-based industries. This will then future benefit   relevant domestic industries, increase energy efficiency, and promote low-carbon environment.

       Therefore, we will focuses on building energy technology-based environment and we decide to study further four projects in this center. Project 1 is focus on the analysis of developmental trend in energy technology and methodology of successful energy technology industry. Project 2 is international comparison of energy policy and implementation tools. Project 3 is to establish the legal regime to facilitate the realization of energy technology roadmap and energy policy vision in Taiwan. The final project pays close attention at energy cost structure, electricity cost analysis and policy communications assistance program. During the project period we will perform verification in different ways for increasing our energy supplies in ways that protect and improve the environment.